Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It feels as though I'm alone in this big, big world. The only one, thrown into a dark jungle to fend for myself, no one there for me. I'm surrounded by many, the merry laughter, the energetic chattering, yet I am still alone, in the midst of all these flurry, left on my own with no companions.

That perpetual feeling of emptiness inside, shutting out everything going on in the background, lost in a sea of voices, it feels as though I'm the only person on this world, detached from others. I am in solitary. Leading a lonely life, alienated from my environment (not that I choose to)

It's lonely, very lonely. 

But what can I do?

Masking the unhappiness, the emptiness, the pessimism, behind a smile plastered on my face. To show others that I'm happy, for they do not know how I truly feel inside. Constantly feeling so insecure, insecure of others' judgements about me - that's not a very nice feeling. 

But I'm getting tired. Nothing changes, no one reciprocates, everything goes on as per normal. Everyone is simply too absorbed, together. Everything is so complicated. 

If only the world was a beautiful place where everyone loved everyone, where everyone was your friend, where everyone smiled at each other. That would be nice. 

I need an escape from reality. 


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