Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blue & Sleep.


"Life is a white canvas. You fill in the colors. "

I like this picture. I like the soothing colors, the relaxing view, the dreaminess of the clouds. The texture of it simply resembles a painting. So surreal. The gentle blend of white and blue to create a perfect hue of serenity. It's like I'm drifting in the sky, looking down on the all the skyscrapers and buildings. They say the sky is the limit. I feel like I can soar higher and higher. Like a balloon rising higher and higher. 

This photo was taken on a breezy, tranquil Saturday morning. I like Saturdays. Its the only time when I can hang loose, laze on my comfy bed and wake up later than 10am in the morning (unless I have something scheduled sigh). I love waking up late. I don't really see the point in waking up early. I need my beauty sleep.
ヽ(●^▽^●)οΎ‰ Sleeping is important, it's one of my top priorities. Sadly I don't always adhere to my sleeping schedule. And I end up regretting it every morning, yet again can't be bothered to at night even though I attempt to persuade myself all the time haiz.



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