Monday, August 12, 2013


So dad is being hospitalized now. He has contracted colon infection which means he has to watch his diet. I don't know how worried I was, just remembered I was on the verge of crying. We were having fun being gluttons (especially in gobbling up the otah) at the BBQ @ Mama's house in celebration of national day (it's on 9 August by the way in case you didn't know) when dad just couldn't tolerate the throbbing pain anymore and had to be sent to the hospital. Guess the pain was really excruciating... Initially he refused to go, insisting he was fine but Mama finally managed to persuade him. (She's his mom after all.)

Needless to say, Mama was also really very anxious and worried for him, refusing to eat or watch TV, simply sitting at the porch eagerly waiting for my uncle, mom and dad to return. I guess mothers, will always love and care for their children unconditionally. No matter how indifferent their children treat them, it's just a mother's love so great that she showers upon her own child.

Earlier in the afternoon, we actually met my little cute neighbor in the lift going for lessons with her dad. Such a stark reminder of the past where I recall dad would accompany me for ballet lessons every Sunday, patiently waiting for 2 hours outside the dance studio for me to finish, then greet me with a hug (and probably some sweets too yay). All the mothers knew him really well, while my sis and mom would come back with takopoachi (Japanese octopus balls - I love the ham and cheese ones!) after an afternoon of shopping. I really miss the old times. I still vividly remember my dad bathing me and changing my diapers when I was a little toddler.

So many years have passed, and I now have matured over these years (I hope!), yet I have also grown further apart from dad. Even if he doesn't show it, I know he loves me as much as I love him.

Get well soon papa! xoxo

Love this family portrait. Taken in Florence, Italy last year. Such a pretty place.


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