Friday, April 26, 2013

Paving the way for more to come.

“Letting go of something to make way for something better.”

This entry was inspired by the TED talk screened today.

Indeed, if we learn to let go, we can discover even better things to fill ourselves with. Change. Everyone needs change, the world changes, the world is changing. If we choose to adamantly cling on to the existing outdated mindset of ours irrelevant in today's context, instead of relying on our senses and let our minds wander off to lands unimaginable, we might just pass up the opportunity for more innovation to come, to break free out of that tiny little box we are trapped in. What is today's glory is tomorrow's history. After all, life is all about letting go. Sacrifices make you a better person – you learn to appreciate the little things in life better and not take them for granted. You learn to let go, to give up something in exchange for something even better than you can imagine. Letting go isn’t an easy feat, nor is it an impossible one. It simply takes time for one to gradually accept change, - change for a better memory – A change for the better.


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