Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Comps / Taiwan

Okay, so I'm actually writing this in the hotel lobby (it has wifi, praise The Lord yay), or rather was, while procrastinating about the huge load of homework I have back in Singapore. I guess being overseas just kills all the I-have-to-do-homework feels. At least I get the whole sofa to myself yay. Oh, I haven't mentioned why I'm in Taiwan right now during this awkward timing where there's school and all. It's because I have an Asia piano competition going on so yeps! (On the bright side I get to pon school heh). It had been rather fruitful, getting to observe pianists from different parts of Asia, and I have to say, the Taiwanese pianists are indeed very skillful and refined in their playing and you can really tell who has passion. I've gained a lot from this experience other than bringing back 2 trophies (I was awarded second prize for both the Asian music and Amateur Teenager category!!), learning from others as well as definitely making new friends. (๑¯◡¯๑) The Taiwanese girl who clinched the Gold award (first prize) in my category is so amicable and easy-going, I remember how both of us were fretting behind stage before our performance at the winners' concert haha. 

((The hall where they hold concerts. The competition venue is just behind. (I didn't feel like taking a photo though, too tired after competing psh) ))

((The weather was also very sunny and I love the color of the sky! - this photo is natural with no filter, it looks so pretty. Maybe because of my artistic talent born within me ;) ))

((Haha just look at mom's photography skills, I don't know how such a blur photo can come out from such a good phone - her Samsung Note II)) 
PS This is not Serina, it's another guy from Malaysia who's in another category. :)

Of course, besides watching others play and practicing for the competition, we went shopping too to unwind ourselves. Taiwan has really fun night markets to stroll around, looking at the cute stuff (and get lost in), especially Rilakkuma! I swear they're obsessed with Japan goods haha and they're really cheap too!Literally. Everytime mom and I walk past it, we just gag our noses and walk past quickly. EXCEPT the foul-smelling, notorious 臭豆腐 (smelly toufu), it smells like poop.

You simply don't get this feeling in Singapore along the streets of Orchard. There's just a different atmosphere about it with all the small shops and colorful lights. 

The view from our hotel room. The main metro station in the whole of Taipei is just opposite, which makes this strategic location so convenient!

((Oh and like, almost every girl in Taipei is carrying this bag. I want it so badly too and the price just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper as we walk down the aisle. But anyways, I already got another Converse high tops so....))

i absolutely love this pair of converse!

btw there're 2 Japanese kids taking photos on their phone on some Japanese purikura app haha they're so adorable. 

Anyways, back to Taiwan. We absolutely love the mianxian here it's SOOO delicious and awesome and heavenly. We go there to eat everyday. It's surely gonna make us want to come back to Taiwan again other than the shopping. 

Our hotel is also strategically located at the main MRT station of Taipei which means it's really convenient to travel anywhere we want for shopping, other than traveling to the competition venue and the Taiwan Normal University. Just having to bear with the scorching (but not as hot) sun while walking along the streets. Carrying an umbrella is like a must since it also rains intermittently and at awkward intervals. The umbrellas are like literally snatched off the shelves once it rains haha. The convenient shops in Taiwan where you can find them almost anywhere, also sell quite cute stuff and their easy-to-go packed lunches are super convenient and they taste not bad to be honest. Only thing I have to complain about is their kimchi. It doesn't even taste like kimchi. Not the slightest bit. We tried the kimchi cup noodles and it was just bland soup. Blegh. The kimchi French fries were also just salty. But I sti love their fries. They're superb and cheap!! Okay I love Taiwan now. I remember the last time I went, oh it was such a horrible experience. Traveling such log distances just to admire the scenery for less than an hour before embarking on another looooong dreary bus ride + some rude family stealing our first row seats which made my grandpa infuriated since he wants to get the best view. Never mess with an old man. 

Anyways, I got many stuff as well as food for ourselves and da class yay \o/ I love the sun biscuit (is that what you call it? They call it 太阳饼 - Direct translation haha). The pineapple tarts are also yummy, not too buttery, not too sweet. (-^〇^-)

Our roadside fried dumplings (they were a little cold though...)

Look what I found!

Awww. LINE merchandise. (I wanted to get one but they were a little pricey...)


And more rilakkuma!

((The bookshops in Taiwan are the coolest things ever. They have like 3 levels and they sell sooo many cute stuff, like adventure time collectibles, alpaca toys, rilakkuma and cool stationary.))

((Went crazy and bought so much stationary haha. Couldn't resist the urge. It's so cheap there!!))

I got other stuff too, just didn't snap a picture of them. Mom also rewarded herself with 2 pairs of cool shoes. I like her platform wedges, they're cute heh. So I also got one loafers. They're really comfyyyyy. And not to forget, sparkly too! ✨

Let me leave you with a cute little thing I saw at a mini shop while mom was trying on some clothes.

That's all for now!


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