Sunday, August 25, 2013

The ol' times.


It suddenly dawned upon me that I've already been through almost 1 and a half decades of life. That's really long and the thing is, it seemed like I was just Year 1 a few months back. Time passes so quickly that you don't even realize it. Maybe it's the earth spinning quicker since it was shifted off its axis during the Japan earthquake (that must have been quite an impact) - I know, I listen in geography lessons - But that's not the main point. I suppose time is always ticking away, I'll die to buy time. Wait no, if I die then I can't use up the extra time I've gotten. Scratch that. I'll love to buy time. I really wish how I could teleport back to those times when I was in kindergarten having fun playing around in my mini kitchen, serving fake plastic vegetables and fruits to my grandpa, cutting them up with my pink hello kitty chopping board set, wearing mommy's high heels. The list is endless. I guess I could still do that too if I wanted but there's just not enough time. School is overwhelming, the work just keeps flowing in like flood gates, I don't get to experience a day where I have no homework to do. There's always that never-ending responsibilities to fulfill. If it's not homework, it's piano (and I have  masterclasses with the prof from Royal College flying over from London). Life is ever so busy. It's only August and I already can't wait for December holidays. (Not to mention, ChildAid 2013 & National comps). Sigh. That's life. We live for the future. The present has become the future. We study to get good grades to get a good job so that we can support our own family next time, to allow our children to have good education so that they can get good jobs and support their own family. It's this eternal cycle.

But as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. Though life may always be hectic, hey, at least I still have people who care for me to talk to, to confide in, to laugh with, to have fun together. It's all these little precious moments that makes life, so memorable and cherished. We can never go back to the past, but we can sure create our own future, and we can definitely enjoy the present for as long as it lasts. 


I was such a crumply newborn then hahas. 

Now | Then (also 3 years ago). 

I can't buy time, but I sure can reminisce about the old times, and embrace the now me. I'm still a teenie, I have many more years ahead of me and it's all up to me on how I want to spend it. For all I know, I'm very sure I want to enjoy life to the fullest! So for now, let's just Carpe diem!


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