Friday, August 30, 2013

What if.


It's so hard to break the barrier between someone and you after it's been there for a long time. It simply grows stronger and stronger till it becomes indestructible.

The barrier. I wonder how it even began.

It was just something that gradually began to build up, to culminate after months and months, to become it's state today – Unbreakable. 

I regret not cherishing those times when we always had a whale of a time together, laughing together. I miss those times when you involuntarily helped me, even in the least expected situations. I regret taking those times for granted, not taking the opportunity to know you better. I regret so much. 

As time passes, I find myself going back to those fond memories and reminiscing about the times we had each other's company. 

Still, the barrier remains between us, insidiously creeping to fill the spaces that separate us. The intangible barrier, invisible to the eye, but its presence so ever felt.

I wonder, how things would turn out now, if everything turned out, the other way round. But it's probably too late. 

If only.


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