Saturday, September 7, 2013

Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Town - A place that exists not in actuality but only on maps.

{…All the houses that were built to fall apart… All the things paper-thin and paper frail }

This questions the human existence. So thin, so fragile, so frail. Maybe life is not about belonging to anyone, or anything. Maybe it is about holding true to yourself; being what you truly are.


Just finished an amazing book and felt compelled to write about this wonderful piece of work written by my all-time favourite author, John Green.

The ending just leaves me fluttering about in the clouds, a heartwarming and light-hearted closure to such a breathtaking story. It's simply amazing. The mystery that enshrouds the book after the mysterious overnight disappearance of Margo Roth Spiegelman leaves Quentin Jacobsen in a state of loss, having to grapple with the sudden mysterious disappearance of his beloved neighbor. The childhood friends who have known each other since 2, are also neighbors where Q. has loved the magnificently adventurous Margo for the longest time ever. The less Q. sees of Margo, the more he longs to see her, to feel her presence.

The characters come so alive that I find it impossible to put down the book, and even after I manage to, they continue to linger vividly in my memory, as if I have known them personally. This is by far my favorite book by John Green and I applaud him once again for having created such a great piece of literature.

That inexplicable and intangible feeling one receives after reading a great book; the satisfaction of having fed one's soul with the bread of a good book; that gratifying feeling and pleasure that no quantity of wealth can amount to – is what one deserves after having read a good book, for a good book is but a uniquely portable magic. 


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