Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photoshoot / Medleys!!

So I had a photoshoot yesterday for ChildAid 2013's concert booklet. This year's theme is carnival which explains the face paint only face and the flamboyant costumes. The acapella group even had to wear multi-colored clown wigs to add to their bubbly personality :-) As for me, I got to put on my long ocean blue gown (Finally an opportunity to wear it.) or the photoshoot along with a white silver trimmed tutu collar and a golden mask. My make-up artist was this lady with a cool skull-roses tattoo on her arm and she's so pretty! And voila, after the loooong preparations, I was finally ready for the masquerade! It was quite an unconventional photoshoot I have to admit, the dressing and all, especially since we were left on our own to strike interesting poses with the mask as quick as possible. I can't wait for ChildAid 2013, it's so gonna be a blast with so many new friends to make and an exhilarating experience! \o/

I like my face paint though. It's so pretty! (Except for the parts that got smudged by accident. :< ) I should have chosen blue braces though, they would have matched my dress.

Anyways, moving on. I have a newfound love now – medleys! I love coming up with my own medleys. It's so fun and the ideas just keep pouring in as you play them on the piano. I still have much to learn about improvisation from Kurt Hugo Schneider, he's my ultimate favourite medley-difier!! The self-gratification that comes after is just undescribable. It's like I've accomplished something I've never done before. So far I've tried piecing together Just Give Me A Reason by Pink, She Will Be Loved; Won't Go Home Without You and my all-time favourite medley piece Payphone all by one of my favs, Maroon 5! I'm currently working on Katy Perry's new song Roar and Just Give Me A Reason. I was humming the chorus of Roar when out of the blue, JGMAR (sounds weird when you try articulating this word out) came into my head, so there you go! A medley!

Looking forward to more medleys coming up and I'll probably record them down if I think they're presentable enough. It's gonna take a lot of courage to do so! ;)

Btw I'm rocking my new ios 7 now, it's awesome :") Here's a photo of some overly attached girlfriends for you. :> 

*Viewer discretion advised.*


Hahahaha betcha didn't expect that.


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