Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dancing in the rain.


Today was a fun day. And also, a very very rainy day. The rain kept pouring intermittently every 3 minutes, so bipolar. Simply decided to keep pouring on us nonstop. We hadn't even reached the bus stop when the torrential rain started to pour down on us again. We actually waited for it for so long and even got so excited when it stopped. ("Stopped.") And the cars kept splashing rainwater on our legs, making our mini FBTs and t-shirts wet. At least we had fun squealing while waddling in the puddles as the cars sped past so we decided to just take shelter under a flyover, using the one and only, reliable pink brolly to shield us from the chilly wind. Even our shoes went splishy splashy because of the muddy rainwater. Ew. But we were rather preoccupied with doing something else that it took away the mundaneness of it.

Camwhoring – bringing waiting under a bridge to a new level!

Can you see the rain! (Okay not really. The point is just to see our faces.)

The rain completely ruined our plans to walk after gobbling down so much Pizza Hut and spicy chicken drumlets to burn fats. We kept raising our hands to attract the attention of the waiters continually so they kept having to come to our table (we chose the table since the sofas were all so pokey and old) to attend to us. In the end we had to take the bus while dripping wet. Hurhur.

But that's not all of our mini adventure today. Spamming rilakkuma tattoos like nobody's business! Supposed to have a movie marathon but ended up ignoring it and being so immersed in tattoo-ing ourselves.

Pardon our hairy wrists psh. 

We have rilakkuma sleeves now! Hardcore rilakkuma homies yo. 8) Now I feel so careful everytime I rest my wrists on a surface and frequently check whether the rilakkumas are scratched. I can't remember the last time I put on a tattoo. That was so long ago. I remember da Ong family was crazy over these temporary tattoos and we just bought packs of them if we liked the stickers haha. Anyways, we look so badass in our tattoos.

With my giant cuddly rilakkuma. <3

 More camwhoring on the mac. Wave of unglam photos on the way.

I was so tired after leung came that I just plopped down on bed and slept for 1.5 hours. Oh wells, today was enjoyable, having camwhored and tweet and instagram under a bridge while waiting for the rain to stop. I can't wait for more crazy days like this. 


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