Friday, October 25, 2013

My favorite things in life.

So I saw some cute pockypockys at the supermarket yesterday. I love going to the supermarket because that means stocking up on my Box of Happiness. I love knowing how it's full and everything inside is just meant for me. No one see but me.
TADAAAA. Behold my holy cheese balls. <3 I guarantee you this box is going to be almost empty in a few days. 
Who can even resist this? Maybe me since I didn't get it. I've learnt my lesson ever since I got the rilakkuma one which stayed in my cupboard till the expiry date 1 year later because it was too precious to eat. T___T It's somewhere in the rubbish dump now.
I like the back of the box; it's filled with LINE stickers for Halloween. :>

Speaking of overseas food, I can't wait for our vacation. SNOW SNOW SNOW. We're gonna be returning to Switzerland and Paris again as well as to the Black Forest in Germany (well, to taste the Black Forest cake of course.) Plus, we're gonna be visiting Paris Disneyland during Christmas!! HOW EXCITING IS THAT. There's gonna be fireworks for sure like during the time we went to California Adventure Park and happened to marvel at the surprise fireworks show. I remember sledging in the Alps was the best part of my life. Sooo awesome and cooling. It's like free aircon everywhere you go @ 16°C (though it's probably even lower than that since we were up on the mountain. It was freezing even when I wore 3 layers inside with heat packs stuck all over.)

The majestic Alps in Switzerland. Wow. 

All that snow seems so surreal. 

Just look at that fresh bed of snow. I'll be coming for ya in more than a month's time.


The beautiful Eiffel Tower that sparkles every hour (I think). It's really pretty to be able to marvel at the shimmering lights and the Eiffel Tower is actually nearer to us than it seems. 

I remember it was too cold to go up the third level when all of us were already shaking like leaves on the second level so they closed it. :< 

Panoramic shot of the view. (Actually I just felt like using that panaroma function on my phone so there you go)

You can see the Louvre there with that long path leading to the main grounds. Surrounding it actually is lots of greenery. Can't wait to go there again in the day. The Paris night view is just breathtaking. 

Back to the daytime. Arc of Triomphe to honor Napoleon's victory. We also passed by the lamppost nearby where Princess Diana died at a car crash there.

The skyyyyyy. We actually saw many Brazilian flags around since we happened to visit Paris when the Brazilian president came to visit. I learnt that Brazil is actually good friends with Paris.

I guess I'll need to clear my phone memory to make space for our 2013 trip. I CAN'T WAIT SERIOUSLY. We're flying off after all my competitions and concerts so yay it'll definitely be a breather for me. :-)

CAN'T WAIT. (I just can't say this enough.)


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