Friday, November 1, 2013

Begin Again.

Today was the last day of school. It has been such an emotional day, bidding farewell to so many people who have inexplicably left such a lasting and meaningful impact on me. Without the presence of these wonderful angels, my school journey would not have been so enjoyable, so memorable, so bearable, so exciting. 2013 has been a year full of ups and downs for me, having been thrown into a new environment, a new class, new friends and new teachers. It was really a great challenge for me, mustering the courage to face reality of being alone, away from the comfort of being with my old, familiar friends. The journey was definitely not an easy one, dealing with many obstacles in my new surroundings. But thinking back now, I sure am glad to have been put in such tough circumstances. They have enabled me to grow stronger, to forge new friendships and to create beautiful memories that color my learning journey with so much vibrancy and joy.

On a lighter note, it was an exciting and fascinating experience being an emcee for the secondary 4 graduants. Standing on stage, enunciating every syllable for maximum clarity, projecting a smile on our faces every other time when we were not talking – I enjoyed every moment of it, before and during our emceeing. Though it was my virgin try being an emcee and I did get a little confused once or twice, this was the least we could do for our seniors as a parting gift.
The view from backstage!
Us fooling around backstage in our banana suits. 
Sorry for the poor resolution; we couldn't risk ruining our reputation of being emcees who camwhore backstage....heh...

As they always say, another goodbye signals the mark of a fresh start. Indeed, it is a new beginning for all of us. The opening of another door; the mark of the start of a new chapter; the beginning to a better life. 

This is surely not the end. It has only just begun. :-)


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