Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Little Things in Life


I haven't been updating much since my life's been so hectic practically everyday. So I'm using every little pocket of time I have to take a breather and collect my thoughts. Thankful that the workload hasn't been so heavy this two days so I have time to recuperate from the stress. Thinking about homework makes me so tensed up, with the never ending deadlines which reminds me that I still have outstanding work due I better catch up on. 

Anyway, recently I received this email titled "Little Things" and it really helped brighten up my day. Basically, the receiver of the email will be tasked with sending a pre-assigned person a quote or anything nice. After all, it's the thought that counts. And it really does. Like they always say, it's the little things that make you cherish life. So far, I've received really inspiring and beautiful poems and quotes. Opening my mailbox and finding little surprises like that really put a smile on my face. It's something I don't receive everyday, other than the usual slew of important (and not-so-important) mails. Curious, I went to research about the creator behind this whole initiative and I found out that it existed way back in 2012. I only wish I had found out about it earlier. It's a wonder how such little things, though seemingly trivial and insignificant, make up the simple joys in life and keeps me going. 


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