Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's Graces!

On the red carpet with the roomies! (Looks orange after I slapped on a filter though oops)

It's finally that time of the year - Graces week! (Internally screams). This is the moment all of us have been anticipating since year 1, where all of us doll ourselves up to prepare for formal dinner night. I guess it's not so much of getting to put on make-up or wear heels (like we don't normally do), but more of getting to experience many of our first times with our classmates. Like putting on mascara or curling our eyelashes in the chalet. Definitely, it was a really fun experience especially with great company around. From staying up late at night in our rooms, belting out songs and chatting about life, just like a typical girls' night to styling ourselves for the night. It was tiring but fun, including having to balance in heels. That was sure exhausting, especially the long uneven trudge back to our chalet laden with all sorts of stones and pebbles that threaten to trip us. I'm so glad I survived 2 nights of formal dinner, if we had even more I would have collapsed from fatigue. Getting ready for a big night out is certainly no easy feat. You've gotta worry about everything on your body, eyes, lips, cheeks, hair and the list goes on. Everyone was looking so lovely and glamorous, especially on formal dinner night. I sure do have a pretty hot cohort. Guys please watch out. ;-) Couldn't resist not seizing the moment and taking loads of photographs. 

Yukee. :")

Me and ming werkin' it on the carpet. ;-) 

Some fooling around. 

Aww <3 love love love this photo. Even gwen dolled up for the night looking feminine with olivia looking gorgeous as usual. 

Some of the Polaroids from that night. x

Of course, Graces didn't just encompass dressing up for dinners and functions, the teachers wouldn't see to such a thing and it would have been rather superficial camp. So we went on a learning journey! Our class planned to go cycling then pay a visit to an animal shelter so yay for adorable dogs and cats and bunnies!

With the most affectionate dog ever! He's so giant yet lovable (loves to drool excessively once he sees his doggie treats too). The people at the animal shelter call him snowball while he's there for temporary boarding. I can't wait for the time when I can finally adopt one of these cuties at the animal shelter. :-)

Tandem bike buddies. Next time I shall aim to ride a single bike. 

Polaroid with the roomies!

More fooling around. Haha!

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Graces is over, but it has been a fun-filled three days in the chalet doing all sorts of silly things with friends, late-night karaoke sessions and endless fooling around. There's not much time to feel lonely or depressed with constant company. Can't wait to go cycling again and I'm determined to conquer the single bike! Took loads of photos to commemorate this occasion while everyone was looking glam hehe. Can't wait for another occasion like this xx


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