Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Future.


So everyone's started thinking about their future, what they want to pursue in life, their lifelong goals, their potential job prospects. And here I am, being all conflicted and oscillating between the countless ideas I have racing through my mind. Trust me, I've had plenty of daydreams of me in clad in different costumes and experiencing different things in almost every possible job you can imagine. 

I've contemplated being an archaeologist, but then again, Singapore doesn't really have much for me to dig up. Being a forensic scientist was under one of my choices too, but I doubt I'll be as strong-willed and headstrong like those unyielding female heroes we usually see in crime busters. I crumble at the mere sight of a cockroach or lizard unfortunately, which places me in a position unfit to deal with more gruesome entities. After encounters with  the murder-mystery themed board game, Cluedo and all those childhood shows with detectives, the young me imagined myself in a brown trench coat and sunglasses, clutching onto a thick stack of documents containing my points of investigation while holding the stereotypical magnifying glass for analyzing every tiny speck of my surroundings - being a detective was intriguing enough while it lasted. I've also dreamt of becoming a lawyer, wearing the white curly wig and black robes, looking dignified and all, fighting cases in court, getting to engage with people of different walks of life. But as I've grown older, I realized that being a lawyer is much more complex (not to mention the myriad of forms of law that exist, not only the especially appealing, exciting criminal law many take interest in) than I thought, apart from simply putting on the wig (which only barristers do to signal a status of seniority). Like every kid, I've envisaged myself in every job scenario possible (including being a garbage cleaner that I was warned of if I did not study hard)

Disclaimer: My intention is certainly not to demean cleaners as lowly-educated or lacking in hardwork. Rather, this was used as motivation to spur me on to strive for the best of my abilities and never give up on in times of difficulties. In fact, I really respect the elderly grandpas and grandmas who struggle to make a living each day and coming out to society to support themselves in such harsh conditions instead of simply enjoying their golden years, yet maintain such perseverance and determination to continue living each day. :-)

However, being the procrastinator I am, I've decided to leave this matter aside and chuck it at the back of my brain I've racked for days for the time-being. I'll come back to this headache-inducing issue next time. I promise

Right now, I've come up with some goals I would like to accomplish when I grow up though:

1) Get my own apartment. (Location undecided.)

2) Adopt a dog/cat. (Only friendly ones though.)

3) Leave an abundance of pillows around the living room in my apartment so that I can just plop down anywhere anytime once I'm back from a tedious day. (Can't wait for this goal to be fufilled.)

4) Buy a gigantic king-sized bed for me to jump/roll/bury myself in. (Without having to suffer mom's wrath who complains I mess her bedsheets all the time.)

5) Leave my bed unpacked in the morning. (Okay maybe I will pack my bed occasionally but on weekends, I'd like my bed to be in the most comfortable state possible.)

6) Get a sports car. One seat for me, the other reserved for my potential cat/dog. (Just kidding, I don't really fancy sports cars. Where's the fun when's there's only 2 people? The more people the merrier and we can create a party!)

So that's about all that I have for now. I'll probably add more to this to-do list when I'm in my "aspiring" mode. I guess I'm just too young to make such a hasty decision just because I should. I don't want to regret this later so I should give it due consideration. Besides, the future is the future for a reason. I'd prefer to life my life day by day and worry about the future later. That's the way the life of a procrastinator works. There's no helping it. *shrugs* ;-)


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