Monday, March 3, 2014


{Ballet when I was 4. I miss ballet classes. Those memories in the dance studio were quite an important part in my childhood I guess.} 

Sunday was a relaxing day. I like peaceful Sunday afternoons. Occasionally I decide to look through the heaps of photo albums we have stored in our storeroom. Many of them have collected dust, the photos yellow and beginning to fade, but the memories still remain vivid in my mind. So I decided to flip through the photo albums that Sunday and take a walk down memory lane. Looking at old photos is always such a warm and nice feeling, reminsicing about the old times and never fails to put a smile on my face. I can't help but lament about returning to the old times when I was much younger and carefree, when life just comprised playing, eating and sleeping. 

This was at my auntie's wedding ceremony years ago. We were really bonded then. Sadly, we're not really on such close terms now. It's one of the many friendships I regret not working out though.

I remember attending lots of extra lessons when I was young, like art classes, swimming classes, ballet classes, abacus classes. And ballet played a really significant part of my childhood I guess. It always took up my Sunday afternoons (classes were 2-3 hours long), it was tiring but fun. Our class was very bonded and as usual, I was the youngest. I remember how we would always go to the toilet to change together after lessons, laughing and just having fun with each other's company. My dad would always wait outside the dance studio patiently and I was always proud of the fact that he was the only dad there so all the moms and my teacher knew him while my sis went shopping with my mom. And at every end of the year we would have a concert. There was one where our teacher had us draw on fake eyes that looked gigantic and disproportionate but you couldn't really tell on stage. All the adults were laughing at our enormous eyes I swear. Then there was another year where we had butterfly costumes and one of my wings dropped off. 2 hours before the performance. In the end I had to carefully flap my wings while dancing because after all, rubber bands aren't that secure...

Just look at how tiny all of us were! (Just in case you didn't know, we're the puny people in purple, I'm the one on the extreme left.)

This was me and my sis during my fifth birthday at my grandma's house. I actually still remember this birthday celebration really vividly and most of the stuff we did. Especially since this was one of the rare times my sister wanted to wear the same clothes as me. (It's definitely never going to happen anywhere in the near future.) And the presents. I think I got a handicraft set from my uncle which was too complex for me to comprehend then and a thick heavy Winnie the Pooh book (that's still his fav even now).

I really love looking at photos of the past and laughing at all our stupid selfs. I wish I had more photos to look at but taking photos then wasn't as convenient as whipping out a cameraphone to capture a moment in time now. Nevertheless, these photos will always be my treasure and I'm definitely going to fill up my albums with more photos to come! :-)

Yep, that's me in the middle with my paternal cousins.


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