Friday, April 25, 2014



Who doesn't love birthdays? Even if it's just a normal Monday like no other, there's always reason to celebrate birthdays! (which my sister refers to as the womb emancipation day.) Anyway, so it was my speshul day on 21 April and I'm finally sixteen! Whoop whoop. Though I didn't exactly have a very sweet, pinky, extravagant celebration rejoicing over my 16 years of life, I still enjoyed it. I thank God for blessing me these 16 years and still continuing to, to shower me with happiness and joy every day despite all the setbacks and pensive stuff I experience often (probably like when there's no food at home). The strength keeps me going. Also, I'm finally legit for NC 16 movies! (Though I doubt I would qualify for one in terms of height, been hovering around the that few digits for quite some time...)

Also am very grateful to all the thoughtful friends out there who specially prepared heartfelt cards and surprise gifts, whether belated or not. I loved reading all the heartwarming cards and they never fail to put a smile on my face. I guess, in a way, my birthday has shown me those true to me. The ones who would go the extra mile to source for a present (which I know it a really really tough job). The ones who would take the time to craft a sincere note which I truly appreciate (I keep all my notes in this box and occasionally whip them out when I seek comfort). The ones who would bother to mark down my birthday in their calendars and wish me. These are the people I need to treasure, and every time I find myself forgetting about these people, choosing to only focus on the pessimism. These are the people whom I least expected to do so. Which is certainly, a very pleasant surprise and I am really grateful to them. 

I used to think that birthdays were all about having excessive parties with throngs of people flooded in one function room, a lively (noisy) atmosphere with music blasting from speakers and balloons floating everywhere. But I don't think so now. I'd much rather prefer a mini gathering with those close to me, those who cherish me, most of all, those who genuinely want to wish me a happy birthday. Okay, I know I might be sounding like an arrogant twerp now, but that's just how I see things. I've harped too much on being disappointed countless times by the same group of people, being left out, being forgotten. But those people aren't worth my time. Just saying. 

After all in life, you'll realize that the things worth living for are to be felt, not touched. With that, I shall conclude this post and go back to studying for mid years that are coming up real soon zzz Am already eyeing the June holidays, can't wait for my yearly retreat to bangkok for loads of shopping! It's been a great birthday this year and I look forward to spending more birthdays again with the special people in my life. :-)

4 birthday cupcakes, all for me!

<3 (once again thank you guys for the wonderful gifts, and those not in here simply because I can't fit them in. Really appreciate the thoughts xx )


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