Thursday, May 1, 2014

Streak of Wanderlust

{Paris Disneyland}

I just love scrolling through my camera roll going through all the photos that have happened in my life and reliving memories. Yet again, I'm suffering from this recurring and incurable symptom caused by the wanderlust streak in me – post-vacation blues. I guess the only way to satisfy my traveling desires is to fly out of Singapore and an escapade from this bustling hectic city life. I can't wait to visit Cali again, it's my lifelong dream to live in L.A. and then retire to the Grand Canyon where I'll spend the rest of my days admiring the wondrous plateau and wildlife (including adorable squirrels) in the day and the breathtaking stars that seem so close yet so far away at night. These are wonderful things we don't get to experience in urban cities regretfully.

Still my all-time favourite roller coaster ride – California Screaming at California Adventure Park in California, a very sunny and great place to be in!

That was 2011 when we travelled to the US, a place full of fun. It's such a joy to be there! Then last year, we packed our luggages and set off for amazing Europe again. :-)

Venice was exquisite. It's everything I imagined it to be. Not to forget, the intricate venetian masks too, there are so many different patterns and swirls and all look so beautiful. So I brought back two miniature ones for keepsake hehe.

Can I just mention how the canals in Venice are so crazy photogenic. The ones we have in Singapore are just gigantic brown holes occasionally along the road.


But the thing I miss most overseas is.... SNOW. The endless white blankets of snow that we'll never get to see here in Singapore. (the closest we ever got to were just ice cubes sadly). Imagine waking up to a wintry cool morning. And I can safely say its the happiest feeling you'll ever get. A touch of snow just makes everything so charming. Oh, happening to catch the first snowflake fall is such a wonderful thing, makes life worth living for.

Here you can see it snowing in Germany. Wow. Was so lucky to be able to experience the first few drops of snow quite a few times last year! It's such an marvelous feeling...

More snow (and snowing) in the alps!

Abundance of snow in Switzerland, how I wish I can bring some back without them melting under the scorching heat of Singapore...

And then there's lovely, romantic, dreamy, fancy Paris, the city of love. <3

Paris in the afternoon.

Eiffel Tower at night. 

I just love love love Paris, can't wait to be back there walking along the streets and admiring the sparkling Eiffel Tower every hour. Then go back to our comfortable queen-sized bed in our cosy, totally tumblr-worthy loft at the highest level located in the heart of Paris. What a fantasy. (which I managed to revel in for 5 days hehe) 

I just love traveling to exotic places for the breathtaking scenery, if not for the shopping. There's just so much of the world to be seen for ourselves that even a lifetime will not be enough to explore its vastness! 

{Here's me in Paris Disneyland on Christmas Day in 2013!} 


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