Monday, June 2, 2014

An Unexpected Meeting.


Yesterday while in the library, I happened to chance upon this Indian man who out of the blue, approached me while I was searching for books under the YA section. He asked if I understood Chinese with an eager look on his face. It sounded a little dubious at first, because I've never been approached by anyone in such an abrupt manner. But I just decided to go with my instincts and said Yes. So he produced this ruled sheet of paper with some Chinese characters scribbled on it. Turns out it was a letter. And so I began to read it.

By the time I read to the end of the letter, I was already so struck by the content. I felt so ashamed by myself for even doubting his pure sincerity and earnestness. Not only was the level of Chinese exceptional, especially for a person of a different culture who has never learnt the complexities of the Chinese and distinctly unique language to his own mother tongue before, his genuineness and goodwill was simply overflowing in the letter. I was left at a loss of words by the end of it. 

So as I read the letter, it urns out, this man was a sports coach who was crafting a heartfelt appeal to the mother of his student in a bid to persuade her to let her daughter continue her training. Even going to the extent of asserting that he would guarantee she balances both studies and trainings. His dedication and sincerity was simply so evident in the letter, his requests so aptly and reasonably put I could not possibly think of a better way to string them together, nothing superfluous or excessive. Just the right amount of words. Looking at his handwriting, I could tell how much time and effort he spent, painstakingly looking up the dictionary and internet to come up with such an intricate piece of letter. I have never seen such passion and nurturing spirit in any mentor, who would readily take up the daunting challenge of learning such an advanced and complex language, just to ensure his pupil can further pursuing her passion. A remarkable coach and man he is, is all I can say.

His devotion and zeal in being a coach touched my heart. One I did not expect from reading a random letter scribbled in Chinese characters from a totally random stranger I just met in the library. An unforgettable and unexpected meeting in the library it sure was. 


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