Monday, June 2, 2014



I think eyes are the most beautiful things ever. As they always say, your eyes are the windows to your soul.

Recently, I've become obsessed with eyes and I have to admit, people with beautiful eyes attract me a lot. A lot. It's the first thing I notice when I meet a person. I have always wished to have irises that were not boring black, or boring dark, dark brown. (that's essentially almost black, unless you scrutinize them really closely.) I have always longed for eyes that were any other color than black. (or yellow, or purple, or orange.)

I love startlingly blue irises - a deep blue like the bottomless ocean that conceals all kinds of treasures we will never know, azure blue like the beautiful limitless sky on a clear day, pale blue like crystal clear aquamarine gemstones sparkling in the light. So serene, so comforting. 

There's something about green eyes that draws one in too - an enticing deep-set emerald green, an endearing yet mystical and opulent olive green, a jade-tinted with gentle dove-grey ripples kind of green, a piercing brilliant shimmering green with golden flecks.

Oh, eyes speckled with dashes of chestnut brown. Rich and alluring eyes.

There's just something about eyes that makes it hard to compartmentalize them simply into blocks of colors. They are sparkling kaleidoscopes of colors that never cease to amaze and entrance me; the myriad of colors that mix together to form a perfect blend of ripples that form an entangled mess in our irises. Our eyes betray and reveal everything about us. Our pain, our hurt, our anguish, our joy, our ecstasy, our amazement, our love, our longing, our wonder

The kind of eyes I am born with are dark nebulous onyx-colored eyes. And coming to think of it, they're not as bad as light-colored eyes. The myriad of brown and black lustrous darkness with a purple-grey bruise-like rim around is actually quite enchanting and unique to my heritage. The luminous clear quality allows for reflection, an alternative mirror, as if staring into another person's soul with those halcyon eyes.

Eyes are such intriguing commodities. Because who needs words when you have eyes, eyes that tell them all?


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