Monday, June 16, 2014

IMUNC 2014.

IMUNC 2014. Formal photo now 'cos the casual one can come later. 

Disclaimer: Long post ahead with many photos. Proceed at your own discretion. 

It's one of those nights I just can't get down to sleep immediately (mind you, it's 2am now), even when tempted by the ever welcoming comfort of my bed. Was so depressed when I couldn't get my favourite Hokkaido milk ice-cream from takashimaya because I was a tad late and the shop just closed for the day. :-( I was really looking forward to enjoying and craving for it after so long. Well, some things are not meant to be. At least I had a satisfying and fulfilling Father's Day dinner with my favourite spicy wantons in chilli vinegar sauce! 

Anyway, I attended the IMUNC conference a few days back (9-11 June) at ACSI and it was a really enriching and fun experience, which is what I'm going to share in this post! So continue reading! :-)

In case you didn't know, IMUNC stands for International Model United Nations Conference where we, the delegates representing a member nation, engage in intellectually stimulating debate sessions taking the form of the United Nations. 

I actually attended the Raffles MUN (RMUN) last year but didn't get to enjoy the full MUN experience because I was in Press (the seniors already chose their own councils beforehand...). Which was essentially just visiting different council sessions, writing articles and doing interviews. We didn't really get to debate on issues like the other delegates which was a little sad, hence why I pushed forth to participate in IMUNC this year!

Initially, things were a little awkward with me being the awkward turtle as usual since I didn't attend the briefing prior the conference. Which also reminded me the importance of developing good socializing and public relation skills. Especially in lobbying for support / looking for a bloc. So I just went around popping in people's discussions randomly, saying "hi" to almost everyone around me in a desperate bid to make friends. 

And I never regretted my thick skinnedness. 

One of the most enjoyable and unforgettable part of IMUNC was the friendships I had forged. Though I did make friends last RMUN, these were the ones that did (and will) last. These friends made council sessions more fun and tolerable with their nonsense and crazy selfs, and also made lobbying much much easier. (That's because a bloc is very much like a clique, but probably less bitchy and more professional.) 

Our v fun & happy & smiley bloc!

Council dinner one day @ Porn's. Strategic selection of venue. ;)

Amidst all the fun, actually knowing people in my council made me boosted my confidence in taking the initiative to speak up (and I hope to be able to do so more in future MUNs, if I get the chance to participate. Hopefully.)

Learning on public speaking skills from the other outstanding delegates also proved to be another beneficial aspect of the conference. I really admire those who are able to grab the attention of the rest with a mere few sentences, the idea put across concise and succinctly. 

The 3 days of IMUNC passed by too quickly. If only we had more time spent together, we could debate sufficiently on the topic while having fun. The last day of MUNs is always the best with everyone trolling and fooling about. Currently facing MUN withdrawals and I can't wait for my next MUN experience! I am proud to say that IMUNC has certainly been a great and fruitful one, and am very grateful for the opportunity. :-)

On to picture time now! Dinner&Dance was fun, everyone socializing while enjoying what the OT put up. Polact is drop dead hilarious while maintaining a realistic front (with all the funny imposter ads and talented, proactive actors). 

Hehe my first friend in IMUNC 2014! Much love. <3

Me and shu.

Best del. Long live America! (I really miss that awesome place and shopping there crey)

Inserts opinion here: He looks like a koala bear here. Dat smile. Actually a v funny & lame person. (Hi Josea.)

Really appreciated all the help and encouragement given. :-)

Funny and pretty jem (and the photobombers).  

The gurrrrls. (sadly, I am the shortest crey.)

Hehe and now, for a photo of the best council (no kid, we won Best Dance). Presenting to you, General Assembly'14!


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