Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Phuket (part 1)!


It's so good to be back in phuket. It's been so long since I last came here, when I was 7 I think. Patong Beach (the most popular beach in phuket) is so breezy and sunny. The clear sky makes it the perfect weather for paragliding, not too hot, not too chilly, just nice. The beach is also rather serene and vast, there's not many people here because it's the low season (it's the rainy season) so everywhere is quite peaceful and quiet.

The view at Patong beach! 

On the ride to Patong Town in our jeep!

Aaand, our five-star hotel is just gorgeous. The food is delicious and the place is just so cosy and service is excellent. The breakfast buffet has sch a wide variety of food, there's Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Western cuisine and even sushi! As usual, they have an "egg station" where I can order my favourite ham and cheese omelette every morning hehe. Everything is very new and squeaky clean because it just opened business 2 months ago. Major love!

Our very purple welcome treat while we chill at the cosy deck! It's a great place to just wind down and read a good book by the pool. 

Our hotel's located just nearby a spacious shopping centre (and a very gigantic supermarket with lots of goodies yay). On the way out, we pass by many mini stores. There's not much shopping to be done in phuket since the stuff sold are mostly the same, beach and swimming wear, but it's still an enjoyable time to stroll down the lane, a very different ambience from the bustling busy streets of a city back home. When it's raining, we head back to the hotel to enjoy the comfortable bed. Room service is good too, the food is affordable and delicious! 

So here's the end of part 1 in phuket (i hope there'll be a part 2). Till then! x


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