Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Strings Concert'14 & my Wonderful Thai Friends.


Nanyang String Ensemble's first concert in 4 years ended with a blast on 20 June. This time, we did something special and more interesting. We collaborated with a youth orchestra from Thailand, Sunrise String Orchestra, holding a camp together for both orchestras to bond and rehearse for the big day. 

Initially I was rather apprehensive about the whole arrangement, but never would I have anticipated the numerous unforgettable memories and precious bonds forged in the course of these 6 days. I'm so glad I decided to cast away all my doubts and just go for it to see what would I gain from this exchange despite the very busy schedule I had concurrently. :-)

My last strings camp in Nanyang proved to be a truly unforgettable and enjoyable experience. I can't express how grateful I am to have participated in the camp and getting to know so many wonderful people. SSO is such a bubbly, excited, cool, fun, crazy and awesome bunch of musicians! It was great having an extension of the cello section, which meant more fun, more craziness and more enthusiasm. YAY.

Though I did not spend as much quality time with them after rehearsals, I still felt so bonded to them like another family, making pleasing music together and sharing the joy of music that transcends all boundaries, regardless of culture, language or country.

I am definitely contented with being able to send them off at the airport and see them one last time (for the month, definitely not going to be our last meeting hehe) before they head for home, just 2hours away. (It was the least I could do for not spending as much time together....)

I am already experiencing major concert/exchange withdrawals (started after the concert ended and reality hits me) and really really miss this great group of people. So glad I cast away my doubts and attended the camp. Never regretted my decision ever after the first encounter with them. :-)

Now I have another wonderful reason to look forward to visiting Bangkok again! (other than the fantastic shopping there <3 )

Now its PHOTO TIME because everyone loves photos!

Me and livie. From aunties to not so aunties. Are we glam enough yet? ~(^◇^)/

A very tall Fifa here! (yep, fifa as in fifa world cup. cool huh)

Me and Toy! A very cheerful and happy-go-lucky fellow cellist hehe.

At the airport...... Where we bade goodbye. (It was a surprise visit though, a nice surprise.)

Part of cello section with SSO @ the airport. :-)

With a very pretty Opal! (I ship fipal hehe)

Mr Poonchok! Had a really fun and enjoyable experience being in an ensemble conducted by him. Never fails to make us smile or laugh. 

Photo with all the cello principals yay!! (With andreia :") )

Aww and with the adorable fifee <3

Happy cello family (•ᴗ•)❤


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