Sunday, July 13, 2014

TGIF and Saturdays!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Yesterday was a good day. TGIF - Thank God It's Friday. I love Fridays. It's the only day I'm free with nothing planned for the day, other than practice as usual. Love days like these where I can just laze around and not rush for something scheduled in the evening.

Did quite an amount of practice for comps on Saturday and the upcoming concerts, and got to catch up on much practice I missed out during the schooldays, though I still need to put in much more effort. Then I went out for lunch with half of the bloc again at Eighteen Chefs (at Level 4, Cineleisure) and had one of the nicest cheese baked rice. It was so yummy and economical, especially since I was starving then. Ice lemon tea, main course and ice-cream for just less than seven bucks. YAY. Love cheap and good food, and of course, good (a little questionable) company.

Selfies with 1/2 of the kool kids klub and the krashers. (and not forgetting phone who ditched us halfway for "coffee" and so we stalked him all the way to the taxi stand zzz. That made one whole round for nothing.)

It was nice to catch up with everyone for a while on an afternoon where we don't have to worry about school cos it's the weekends. 。◕‿◕。Best feeling ever.  So we just chilled in the restaurant, chatting about any topic that comes to mind, school, random happenings and life (and lots of nonsense too). Surprisingly we didn't get kicked out as usual. 

Group photo yay! But then again, I look so creepy with half a head popping out from behind Christie. :-( The woman taking the picture didn't preempt us and I didn't get ready in time nuuuu.

With the gals hehe. Quite bummed that I couldn't go shopping with them afterwards, because practice. Life of a musician.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday was a very good and happy day, haven't had such enjoyable and relaxing evenings in quite a while, especially with all the performances and rehearsals scheduled. Basically just practiced for comps and did a little of math work then the rest of the time was allocated to lazing around, as usual. In my defense, the bed is just too tempting. There's just something about it that makes my body attracted to it and unlocks all my inertia once I've plopped down in a comfortable position.

Dropped by Kinokuniya to get my books and feeling very very satisfied. Finally, my very very long-awaited last installment of The Mortal Instruments Series has arrived!! I am already planning to buy And also got the first and last books of my other favorite series: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. Absolutely love the gorgeous cover. 

Okay, so my sis commented on how such books would value-add to my repository of knowledge, but who cares! Sometimes, all you need is some fantasy and a little pinch of romance there to keep things interesting! Always reading non-fiction and intellectual material isn't too good either - your brain needs rest. Remember, it's all about moderation. ;-)

And then earlier in the afternoon, mom got me more stickers. How can one not rejoice at the sight of new stickers? 

Not only that, I finally got to satisfy my cravings and get my usual single scoop of heavenly Hokkaido milk ice-cream from taka. Plus cheese fries and mashed potato. I am a very very happy and contented girl. It was a wonderful girls' only night out (since dad was on an overseas trip) and shopping and having fun. Another reason to look forward to the weekends! hehe xx

PS. Guess what I saw on the bookshelves! • ◡ •


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